Lying on the floor

Looking to the sky

Seeing beyond the ceiling

While I close both eyes.

Soaring through the twilight

Bursting through the dome

Into the starry night sky

I float, I fly, I roam.

Leaping into space

Bounding off each star

Searching for Astro-rainbows

To find where you are.

Following constellations

I blaze a trail of my own

Upon galactic highways

I travel all alone.

I look behind each planet

Overturn each asteroid

Desperately searching-

I Look deep into the void.

I shout, hoping for echoes

To reach you where you are,

I stand upon the satellites

Of planets in galaxies far.

Forsaking this universe,

Abandoning light and time

I rend the fabric of existence-

into the gaping hole, I climb.

I look around at nothing

I wonder, am I blind?

All around, and up and down,

There’s nothing there to find.

No one recieved my echoes.

No one heard my cries.

No one will come to my aid

And wipe these tears from my eyes.

In the perfection of nothingness

I stop searching- embrace the emptiness.

In the blinding white endlessness,

Accept eternity’s mysterious unknown-ness.

My journey over

My mission failed

I open my eyes

my hopelessness un-veiled.

21 Feb 2018 Danielle Ohi

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